Monday, August 1, 2011


Even in retrospect, we never know if we've made the right decision, but sometimes simply making any decision is better than perpetually being undecided. Yet I sit here still undecided about Meme doing a virtual academy. Well, maybe I’m not undecided about her doing one, just perturbed about the current circumstances.

I called Connections Academy early last week, and asked them the question I’ve been asking them for the past few weeks, “How far up on the waiting list is Meme? I need to know what her chances of getting a position are so that I can figure out what to do with her for next year.” Still no answer and I got passed around a good bit but to no one with any knowledge or authority.

Then I remembered the letter Jojo got about the Louisiana LEAP test. It had CA’s (Connections Academy) principal’s personal phone number on it. I called her asked her my question and still no real answer. She said that CA is going to BESE (Louisiana’s main school board) mid-August to ask for 400 more spots. Mid-August is after both K12 and CA start for the year. She asked that I pray they get the spots, and if they do then Meme should, not will, have a place.

Not definite enough. I can’t bank my child’s education this year on a long list of maybes. She couldn’t even tell me how far on the waiting list Meme is because she doesn’t have access to that information. If she doesn’t have access to that information, then who does? And who determines who’s next to call on the waiting list once a spot opens up?

On the K12 front: she’s been accepted into K12 as an 8th grader. I have no problem with K12’s system. It’s the lack of flexibility they’ve shown so far that I have a problem with. Friday, after K12 orientation, I decided to take a chance.

I e-mailed Meme’s teacher and laid everything out. I told her that she’s behind, what she’s behind in and precisely how far behind she is. I let the teacher know that if she proceeds to expect normal eighth grade work out of her, Meme isn’t going to do well. I recommended that she be placed in seventh grade since that would give to her the best chance for success.

She e-mailed me back in just a few hours (kudos for promptness), and the e-mail sounded encouraging. The teachers are having a conference with other teachers today, and she’s supposed to bring up Meme to see what they recommend and what they can do within this system. Her words were encouraging: “We don’t want Meme to feel overwhelmed. We want her to succeed.”  Let’s see what happens. If K12 is willing to work with the situation, then I’d be more than happy to have Meme use them.

That brings me to Jojo. I’m pretty set about her being homeschooled for another year, but she’s still registered for K12. When I tried to pull her out a few weeks ago, they said that since she’s been accepted into the school we have to wait until her teacher contacts us to withdraw her.

Right now we’re in limbo. I was actually encouraged by the K12 orientation.  The speaker painted K12 more flexible than I had thought.  Maybe they can work with the girls despite the problems. My big fear is that she’s entering high school and mistakes she makes will be on her “permanent record” and her TOPS and college opportunity may be harmed.

Lots to think about. I’m still pretty sure we’ll homeschool Jojo, but I don’t want to close our doors until I know what’s behind them.

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