Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh No! Not a Waiting List!

So we’ve hit a snag. Finally, after much additional paperwork was sent in to Connections Academy (CA), more than they originally asked for, Meme, and only Meme, is out of the application process. Here’s the snag: her grade level is full, so she’s on a waiting list until there is room for her.

So this whole story of there being 500 or 600 spots open to Louisiana students, and until those spots are full, there is space for all is not quite true. In reality there are only so many spots per grade, and once those spots are full, even if the 500 total spots aren’t filled, you are still put on a waiting list.

I know several other homeschool families are still trying to decide between CA & K12, so I suspect a spot will open up for her as they make their decisions and withdraw their kids from one or the other. We may not get much notice that she’s off the waiting list, but I’ll have to live with it.

I called CA to ask where on the waiting list Meme is. Remember that the other 2 kids haven’t even made it past the application part, and while the customer support person was muttering to himself, it sounds like many of the grade levels are full. The person I spoke with was helpful and said that Meme’s grade filled up recently. He did base this opinion on the fact that he hasn’t received any official notice that it is full, so the customer support people haven’t even been notified.

What did I find out then? That she may or may not be near the top of the list, which is what I already knew. At least they were helpful and polite in telling me that.

Hopefully she isn’t on the waiting list long for her grade with CA. K12 is trying to place her in a grade level above what I feel she should be in, and I really do want her to try CA. From the research I’ve done, I get the feeling that she would be a better fit for CA or that CA is a better fit for her.

Okay, so I looked at my enrollment page on CA’s website, and they only added 2 forms and a placement test from the original request.   She only took the on-line placement test yesterday. So that they placed her in the approved category a day later is actually pretty impressive. Delaying taking it was my fault.

The only other thing I was missing form-wise was the Homeschool Prior Academic History Form, which I sent in with the original packet of forms. The form didn’t have much room for writing details on the curricula we used last year, and so I filled it in as best as the space allowed. It took them forever to review it and let me know that they needed more information. I only realized within the last week or two that I needed to redo the whole form and resend it. I did that yesterday too.

One bad on my part and one bad on their part. The lesson learned is to fill out the forms better than “as best as possible” and take the placement tests in a timely manner.

Now to get on the phone with K12, with whom all three kids are accepted already, to see if I can get Meme placed in the appropriate grade level. Why am I writing this instead? I’m so hesitant to call them because every time I do I get a completely different answer from the time before.  I called yesterday to figure out what forms were received but not yet reviewed, since there are 6 or 7 for each child that are still marked “please submit,” and I’ve submitted most of them.  

Yesterday I was told that since the kids are accepted, I don’t have to submit any other forms.  I know that can’t be true since two of the forms still marked “please submit” are Bobo’s & Meme’s immunization records, forms which are required by the state of Louisiana in order to enter a state funded school. I did send the forms in . . . three times . . . at least a month ago, but they are still marked “please submit.” *sigh*
Time to bite the bullet and just call. I swear they must have a personal file on me marked “difficult parent” and that’s why I’m constantly given to helpdesk people who don’t know anything but are willing to tell me anything to get me off the phone.

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