Wednesday, June 22, 2011

K12 & Connections Academy Update

Okay. It may seem like we’ve done nothing for 2 weeks, but on top of going to Hogwarts everyday, we’ve been doing a bit of schoolwork on the side, preparing for the Louisiana LEAP and trying to stay sane.

K12 finally sent out information about the placement tests they are giving, and their e-mail did not inspire confidence. I knew that they still have job advertisements for local directors and teachers, and so I have no idea how they are doing structurally. When you send out a blanket e-mail to your potential parents saying that you have no facility to use as a testing center and asking if we had any leads . . . uh . . . well . . . I think maybe you don’t have all your ducks in a row or even all of your ducks present to line up in said row.

Nation-wide K12 seems to have their act together a bit better than Connections, but on a local level, I’ve been more impressed with Connections Academy as far as being professional, keeping in touch with the parent (a.k.a. me) and making sure that I get everything they need turned in.

Connections does placement tests too, but theirs are on-line, short and to the point. Of course it is Connections academy who are making Jojo take the Louisiana LEAP in a state provided testing environment, but I can’t really fault them there since the LEAP is required for all students entering 9th grade.
And the forms! As soon as I think I have all the forms they need faxed in, they add one or two to the list. That’s true with both schools. Then it takes forever for them to acknowledge that I send them in.  Somehow we will make it through this process, and I still don’t know how we will end up.


  1. Just found your blog. Great! Leaning towards CA for my K, and 7th grader. What's your opinion?

    1. I've heard a-lot of good things about CA from my friends who went that route. They don't have as many students, so you'll get a bit more attention from the staff and faculty. They've like the curricula a good bit too.

      I haven't heard much about the 7th grade K12, but 8th grade still has some snags to work through. If you get frustrated easily with administration snafus, definitely go with CA for 7th.

      I have a few friends with kindergarten children in K12 and the absolutely LOVE it. The curricula is fantastic and there doesn't seem to be as many problems for the lower grades.

      Hope that helps.